SaiRam Dear Members.  Please find below the latest Sri Sathya Sai Center of Loudoun Newsletter.  Please attend with family and be part of our Easwaramma Day Offering (By SSSE Students) – Tomorrow Saturday May 6 @ Belmont Ridge Middle School –  19045 Upper Belmont Place, Leesburg VA 20176.  More details below.


A warm and loving Sairam dear Members,

Hope all of you are having a blessed week! 

Tomorrow Saturday May 06th, we will be celebrating Mother Easwaramma Day at Belmont Ridge Middle School! (see attached flyer).

Our SSSE children, parents and teachers have worked very hard to put together an entertaining and message-oriented play for all of us. There will be a lot for even the adults to learn. Please come with your family and friends to participate in the event and bless all the children.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again!.

See below for more details.

Please find this week's Centre Newsletter, updates from all wings (Devotion, SSSE, Seva & YA) along with Centre Calendar for May 2023 and Zonal/Regional updates.

Sai Ram

Center Newsletter – May 07th, 2023

Please check the attached May 2023 Calendar above.

Quick Highlights in May, 2023:

Easwaramma Day Offerings by SSSE kids @ Belmont Ridge Middle School on Saturday, May 6th. (See Below Flyer).
Center Member Meeting @ Claude Moore on Sunday May 14th.

Narayana Seva @ Reston and Manassas on SaturdayMay 20th and May 27th.
Region 2 Memorial Retreat @ Green West Camp – May 26th – 29th

Please mark your calendars so that you can attend the Center with family and friends, and enjoy the bliss of these special programs.


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Event Address: 19045 Upper Belmont Place, Leesburg VA 20176.

Sri Sathya Sai Educare (SSSE) Updates

Easwaramma Day Celebrations – May 6th 2023 (Saturday). 


No Regular SSSE Classes on Sunday, May 07th, 2023 @ Claude Moore.

Sai Ram

Center Address: 46105 Loudoun Park Lane Sterling VA 20164.

NO Devotional Session on Sunday, May 07th, 2023
@ Claude Moore

Sai Ram


Month of May 2023 service activities:

*Narayana Seva (dinner at Reston shelter): May 20th**

Prepare and serve dinner at Reston Shelter located at: 11975 Bowman Towne Dr, Reston, VA 20190 on Saturday, May 20th, 2023.
Signup link:

*Narayana Seva (dinner at Manassas shelter): May 27th**

Prepare and serve dinner at Manassas Shelter located at:10056 Dean Dr, Manassas, VA 20144 on Saturday, May 27th, 2023.
Signup link:

Vidya Vahini IEP update:                         
Registration link for Inclusive Education Project (IEP) undertaken by Sri Satya Sai Vidya Vahini (SSSVV) is given below:  Or email at:

Month of June 10th,2023, Medical Camp Seva (see below flyer)


Sai Ram

Young Adults Updates

1. YA Re-registration Form: Please look for information from YA reps to re-confirm as active YA of the center by registering using the link below.
YA Re-Registration Form
2. SSSCL YA group has many service opportunities at Center, if you are interested to be part of any Seva, Devotional, SSSE support or help. Please reach out to our Female YA Rep Varsha Rao or Male YA Rep Arjun Sundaram.
If you have any questions and (or) looking for more YA updates, please reach out to our Female YA Rep Varsha Rao or Male YA Rep Arjun Sundaram.

Sai Ram

SSSGC's  Regional, National and Zonal Updates

SSSGC (USA) – Region 2 Updates:

1.  Our Memorial Day Retreat is going to be from 6 PM Friday 26th May 2023 to 12 PM Monday 29th May 2023. The location of the retreat is: Camp Green Lane, 249 Camp Green Lane Road, Green Lane, PA. 

Please register for the retreat by going to this website. Retreat rates go up by $10 on May 1st 2023.

The last date of registration is 15th May 2023.  

The Retreat 2023 Main Schedule is up on our retreat  website.

Please note that there are limited on site retreat accommodations. We request you all to register early.

2. Region 2 Parthi Pilgrimage:  July 4th to 6th 2023.
Ashram Accommodations in Parthi are full. Anyone registering for Parthi pilgrimage may have to look for outside accommodations.

If you are interested, please register for this pilgrimage by using the link below.

SSSGC-USA National Announcements
It is  retreat time. With immense pleasure, we would like to invite you all to the following retreats

1.  USA Parthi Pilgrimage 2023 Registration  (Gentle reminder)
We are  extremely fortunate to have received blessings  that enable us to embark on a pilgrimage to our source, Prasanthi Nilayam, from July 4th- 6th, 2023. 
“Every living being is on a pilgrimage – whether it is aware of it or not. … The destiny of all beings is to return to their origin.” Sathya Sai Speaks (14.45)

Registration link:
This pilgrimage is coordinated by our Mid-Atlantic Region (Region2)

2. SSSGC-USA California Region Mini Retreat (May 13th-May 14th, 2023)Gentle Reminder
Location: Clayton Valley Presbyterian Church, 1578 Kirker Pass Rd, Clayton, CA 94517.
Please contact Chandrasekhar Srinivasan ( for more details.

3. SSSGC-USA Region 2 Annual Retreat (May 26th-May 29th, 2023)- Gentle Reminder
Venue:249 Camp Green Lane Rd, Green Lane, PA18054
Please contact Pradosh Dessai ( for more details.

4. SSSGC-USA  Region 3 Annual Retreat  (May 26th-May 29th, 2023)- Gentle Reminder
Location: Adventure Ocoee,186 Hawkins Dr, Ocoee, TN 37361
Please contact Vini Raman( for more details.

SSSGC-Zone1 Updates:

Below are the zonal announcements for all members for this week : Click Here

Zone 1 Announcements April 26, 2023

1. Zone 1, SaiLights Magazine-Volume 6-Request for Contributions for The Guru Poornima Issue
2. Reminder: Message For Earth Month From The Green Team – WANNA BE AN EARTH CHAMP?
3. Update: Center Leaders Conference July 4-5 in Prasanthi
4. Buddha Poornima Celebrations-May 4 and 5, 2023

Link to website announcement page:

Sai Ram
Video of the Week
” How should Parents groom their Children”

Jai Sai Ram!

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